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What's good about dispensers?
Good quality, burst out

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  • High precision CNC machining

    High precision CNC machining

    8 sets of CNC, milling machine, lathe, grinder
    and other specialized equipment.
    Design, processing and assembling and
    debugging a dragon

  • Imported accessories are durable

    Imported accessories are durable

    Omron relay, letter Long motor, double slide rail of silver,
    Ming weft power all metal accessories.

  • Hollow solid operation is simple

    Hollow solid operation is simple

    The minimalist in Chinese operating system
    High hardness surface electrophoresis treatment
    of aluminium alloy frame

About us

Shenzhen rose Thai automation co., LTD is a professional army automation equipment research and development and production of enterprises, more than 10 years my company r &d and production of automatic lock screw platform, AB, glue dispensing machine vision, hot melt adhesive dispensing machine, precision automatic soldering machine, high precision automatic dispensing machines is in the leading level inside if China. Have zhongtian, sun power, shanxi foxconn, beauty..


Professional production strength factory
After time, we have become a model in the industry

24 hours service hotline


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