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Shenzhen Shengtai Automation Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Shengtai Automation Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Li

Fax: 134-2134-9372

Email: 314717487@qq.com

Address: 4th Floor, Huaide Xinxin Industrial Park, Huaide Liyuan Road, Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong

Website: en.suntime-auto.com

       Shenzhen Shengtai Automation Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of automation equipment for more than ten years. Our company develops and produces automatic locking screw platforms, precision automatic soldering machines , AB dispensers , visual dispensers , and hot melt adhesives. Dispensing machines , high-precision automatic dispensing machines, etc. are at the leading level in China. A large number of leading companies in various industries have chosen our company's products successively, including Zhongtian, Sungrow, Shanxi Foxconn, Midea, Leishi, etc.

      The company not only has a professional R&D team, but also has a group of senior mechanical, electrical, software engineering, process application engineers; we continue to introduce advanced foreign technology, combined with long-term accumulated production experience and market feedback, adhere to market-oriented, continuous development New products to meet the needs of the market; since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to providing customers with good automation solutions to help companies achieve high-efficiency, precision, low-consumption, energy-saving, environmental protection purposes and make unremitting efforts.

      The company adheres to the business philosophy of "professional", "technical" and "efficient". At present, the company's customers have spread to many well-known domestic enterprises. The automatic locking screw platform and the precision automatic soldering machine are exported to foreign countries. Our products can be greatly reduced The labor intensity of the workers greatly improves the production efficiency of the production line, greatly reduces the production cost and improves the product accuracy and product quality.

      Looking forward to the future, Shengtai will shine more brilliantly in the automation equipment industry!

24 hours service hotline


Phone:134-2430-7553(Mr. Li)



Add:Guangdong dongguan humen li yuen playground Wilder LuHuaiDe xinxin industrial park 4th floor


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