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The four advantages of Shengtai Automation AB Dispenser?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

 AB dispenser isan upgradeof the automatic dispenser function, a fundamental breakthrough in dispensing technology, and an indispensable dispensing equipment for precision products. High-speed jet dispensers andAB dispensers are usually used for products with high dispensing accuracy and fast dispensing speed, as well as industries that require high dispensing accuracy, such as the electronic communication industry, automobile manufacturing, 3C electronic appliances, and medical equipment , New energy batteries, etc.

How to choose high-quality high-speed jet dispensers and precision dispensers has become a concern of many customers. Now follow the instructions to learn aboutthe advantages ofhigh-speed jet dispensers .

Advantage 1 High-precision dispensing process:

We have developed a series of high-precision dispensing equipment for precise control of fluids and continuous challenges to difficult dispensing technology. These dispensers are equipped with a CCD vision system and a high-definition camera, which can accurately identify the marking points of intelligent positioning products and can dispense without precision fixtures.
Advantage 2 precision dispensing process:

The precision dispenser is equipped with a high-speed injection valve, which can precisely control the liquid. The minimum amount of glue can be controlled at 2nl, and the accuracy rate can reach 98%. It is very suitable for dispensing, primer, packaging and coating of camera modules, mobile phone chips, electronic precision components and other products.
Advantage 3 high-speed spray dispensing process:

The automatic dispensing machine with dispensing valve can achieve precise dispensing to a certain extent, but there are obvious shortcomings in dispensing speed. The high-speed jet dispenser equipped with a German injection valve has a non-contact spray function, does not touch the product, and has no z-axis movement. In addition to precise dispensing, it also has the effects of high-speed jetting and droplet jetting. The high frequency of the pneumatic injection valve can reach 280hz, far exceeding the dispensing speed of ordinary dispensers. Rotary axis dispenser

Advantage 4 Highly stable distribution fuselage:

The high-speed jet dispenser has the advantage of high stability and is the basis for the realization of precision and high-speed dispensing. The desktop dispenser adopts a unique "tenon and tenon structure" design to enhance the stability of the machine; the floor-standing and online dispensers use high-quality materials and a highly stable floor-standing structure.




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