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Tailor-made solutions for automatic locking screw machines?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

When companies buy automatic screw machine equipment, they all hope that the equipment can be applied to a variety of products and replace more labor. This is also the development trend of industrial automation. At this stage, due to various reasons, automation equipment does not look like a corporate phenomenon. Automated as in China, taking the automatic - locking machine as an example, it is mainly responsible for the automatic screwing operation of the product, which seems to be frugal, but in practice, some products are too large in size, or the screws are too large, or use nuts or screws. Too dense, or require multiple processes, etc., assuming that each automatic screw-locking equipment manufacturer is limited to planning small screws and small products, it will not be able to promote the entire industrial automation process.


When customizing the most suitable automatic locking screw machine for customers, you will encounter various situations. For example, the product is planned to require fastening screws on both sides. The upper and lower sides can also be left or right, not the same. How can the screws on the surface be actively locked at one time?


Some Shengtai automatic locking screw machines use side-side locking, that is, placing the electric batch on both sides of the equipment. When locking, the product is placed upright. This kind of plan can solve the title of some products with low locking requirements, but we We all know that the gravity is straight down. Assuming that the electric batch is placed horizontally, the lock nozzle and the screw coming out of the lock nozzle will also be horizontal. This will naturally cause the screw to be downward, and it cannot be kept on the same center with the screw hole, which is easy to cause Slippery teeth and other phenomena. 


The electric batch is still placed and the product is placed straight, and the locking is completed in two processes, that is, after screwing one side of the screw, the automatic locking screw machine actively flips the product to the other side through a special fixture, and then performs the locking. Although there are more processes (it may take an extra second), the production scale does not decrease. You can keep the screw straight into the screw hole as usual.


The operation method and characteristics of the Shengtai automatic screwing machine are the same as the multi-axis type. The worker only needs to place the product once, and the equipment is automatically turned over and screwed automatically. It is nothing more than adjustments in the fixture planning and lock payment system. This adjustment can well enable many products that require lock payment on both sides to complete active production.




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