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What factors affect the soldering quality of automatic soldering machines?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The main factors that affect the automatic soldering machine are soldering temperature, solder material tin wire (tin wire), and flux. The following will be discussed separately:

1. Temperature: Too high temperature will lead to non-eating tin, tin explode, and the flux in the tin wire will evaporate directly, which is not good for the life of the soldering iron tip, and will cause easy oxidation. Too low temperature will cause cold welding, false welding, and cause short circuits. Generally, soldering should not exceed 400 degrees. The melting point of tin is between 180-240, which is mainly determined by the composition of tin wire.

2. Solder material: Solder material is made of a variety of alloys. Different alloy tin materials have different characteristics, which are mainly reflected in wettability, melting point, temperature, and mechanical characteristics after welding. The so-called mechanical characteristics refer to stress, thrust, and tension. . If the tin wire material is not good, it will cause the soldering iron to not eat tin, and the tin will burst.

3. Flux: commonly known as rosin, natural rosin is a kind of resin, artificial synthesis will be mixed with a variety of chemical elements. Commonly are liquid, solid, and paste. It is divided into high activity, medium activity, and low activity. In the soldering process, the flux mainly functions to decompose oxides and wet the soldering surface to promote better completion of soldering. If the quality of the flux is not good, it will lead to high residues after soldering. The residues contain halogen ions, which will gradually cause problems such as deterioration of electrical insulation and short circuits.



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