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Dispenser manufacturers, tell you what are the classifications of dispensers?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

As a dispenser manufacturer for more than 10 years , Shengtai's engineers have designed and manufactured a large number of different dispensers. Here I will introduce you to the classification of dispensers.

The dispensing machine has a wide range of uses, such as: dot coating, linear coating, potting, glue coating, spray spray, line dispensing, pouring, drip, linear/arc/circular/irregular graphics Coating, bonding, coating, sealing, filling, etc.
There are many classification methods for dispensers, here are one by one:
 1. According to the characteristics of glue, there are silicone dispensers , UV glue dispensers, SMT red glue dispensers.
The silica gel dispenser is designed independently for silica gel and other glues with poor fluidity and high viscosity. It is especially suitable for products with 330ml/barrel silica gel and glass glue. Function description and product characteristics:

( 1 ) There are two modes of automatic quantitative and manual

(2) The time of each glue dispensing is controlled by the timer, and the glue is quantified regularly to ensure that the amount of glue is consistent each time.
(3) Adjust the air pressure and choose the appropriate time and needle to change the amount of glue and the time of each glue. , Suitable for different needs
(4) Input air pressure: 2.5~7 kg/C㎡ Output air pressure: 0.01~5.5 kg/C㎡
(5) Can be used with pressure barrel

2. According to the way of using glue, it can be divided into Single-liquid dispenser, dual-liquid dispenser , multi-component dispenser, etc.
Two-component dispensers are also called double-liquid dispensers, AB dispensers, etc., a dual-liquid dispensing system (filling machine), consists of three parts: two pressure barrels (mainly provided to the dispensing valve And store two different glues), AB glue dispensing valve (the main function is to mix the two glues in different proportions, and solidify after a certain period of time), and the other is a controller, and Weigh the glue dispenser (the main function is to control the amount of glue and the frequency and accuracy of the glue)

Of course, there are many other classification methods, so I won't repeat them here. Regarding the issue of dispensers, Shengtai, as a one-stop procurement service base for dispensers, welcomes you to come to the factory for consultation at any time.





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