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How about the Shenzhen automatic soldering machine manufacturer?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Shenzhen automatic soldering machine how to manufacturer? Shenzhen as an international first-tier cities, is one of China's four major cities, is the industry leader! Find one in Shenzhen city in many ways soldering machine manufacturer, really want to see Look at Xiaobian's evaluation of Shenzhen soldering machine production.

  The welding machine market is endless and the price is chaotic. We can achieve this effect, but we have accumulated many years of experience. The design and matching of the iron head is also very important. If there is no accumulation of industry experience, it will not be possible. Because drag welding is ruled out, more spot welding cannot meet the requirements, and we can only think better. So as to realize the design and matching of the machine tool and the iron head. Whether we can make our products more efficient or not, it comes from bold innovation attempts, which not only brings benefits to our customers!

  We need to solve the problem of product oxidation, so we also need to realize the solution on the product, use the flux, after the product is loaded into the fixture, use the soldering pen, brush the flux once, after verification, the defect can be controlled at 1/1000 bad solder joints . Finally, the machine will be improved. Realize double tin, double-end welding, one-time welding is good, the machine equipment is shown in the figure: four-wire wire feeding, one time can solve the efficiency and bad problems. Now we measure the efficiency of 480-500, which is twice as fast as before, that is to say, two people can save.

  After careful analysis, we returned to the company. In order to improve efficiency, we can only use dual-head control, which is more stable for the machine. In addition, we started with a soldering iron tip, and made a new soldering iron tip, which is based on Shenzhen’s years of soldering experience, through heat transfer, tin wire characteristics, pad characteristics, and three starting points. Design, V-groove cutting the welding head on both sides. The distance between the bottom of the welding head and the product pad is the basis. The bottom of the welding head is not tin, and the edge is not tin. The advantage is that when the welding head is lowered,

  How about the Shenzhen automatic soldering machine manufacturer? Products with two solder pads can be preheated at the same time. The V-shaped groove is conducive to the smooth flow of the tin wire, and the edge is not tin, because the customer's product must pass the tin, and the tin flow is adjusted according to us Its own machine is characterized by one-level tin and two-level tin. The three-level tin filling function realizes the full tin content of the pad. So that the solder processing of the product meets the requirements. After experimental verification, the program is feasible.

  Why do everyone say that Shengtai automatic soldering machine manufacturer is a good advantage analysis:

  1. It can save a lot of work and production costs!

  2. Welding machine technology meets international standards

  3. Years of research and development experience

  4. Develop a comprehensive machinery industry company integrating design, production and sales

  5. Good product quality, perfect after-sales service system!



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