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Can one dispensing machine order different products?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Can one dispensing machine order different products?

In summary, we found that many customers who came to Shengtai Consulting have a lot of doubts about the machines required for their products. Take the dispenser as an example.

 1. Customer: How long does it take for the dispenser to produce a product?

Shengtai: Because the size and shape of the product are different, the dispensing process is also different, so the product can not be generalized in how long it takes to complete the dispensing of the product. It is still necessary to make adjustments according to the products you make; The dispensing speed is also related to the curing time of the glue!


2. Customer: Is the glue output of the dispenser stable and unstable?

Shengtai: First of all, the glue output of the dispenser can be adjusted to the result you want. You only need to change the value of the glue dispenser, the glue output speed, the glue time, and the glue stop time on the computer, which is easy to operate.

Finally, ORIX's automatic dispensing machine adopts high configuration, stable machine, and fine dispensing accessories to ensure the stability of the dispensing volume of the dispensing machine.


3. Customer: Can one dispenser order different products?

Shengtai: Our automatic dispensing machine can store hundreds of programs and large memory. The dispensing parameters corresponding to each product are input in advance. When you need to dispense, you can directly call up the parameters on the handle, and you can dispense directly. No need to add a dispensing machine, one machine is multi-purpose!


4. Customer: The product is quite special, and the conventional dispenser cannot complete the dispensing, what should I do?

Shengtai: We have 10 years of experience in R&D and production of automation equipment. In addition to the production of conventional equipment, we also support non-standard customized dispensers, soldering machines , screw- locking machines and other equipment. We will formulate application schemes according to the customer's product characteristics, and then reproduce related equipment.





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