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Explain the advantages of customized dispensers for dispenser manufacturers?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The automatic dispenser device is widely used in semiconductor, electronic parts, LCD manufacturing and other fields. Its principle is to press the glue into the feed pipe connected with the piston by compressed air. When the piston is in the upward punching, the piston chamber is filled with glue. When the piston is pushed down, the glue is pressed out from the glue head. Full automatic dispenser suitable for dispensing fluid, degree of automation is much higher than the manual dispenser , dispensing from the effects of view, the product quality levels will be higher. Automated operation, simple and controllable. The application industry of the dispenser is constantly expanding, and the production technology is also constantly innovating.
1. The specific dispensing operation by labor can realize the mechanized production
. 2. The Chinese keyboard operation is easy to learn and understand, and does not need an external teaching device. It is more convenient to debug than similar products, simple and convenient, high-speed and accurate

3. It has the functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles. Irregular curve continuous interpolation and three-axis linkage;

4. The software has the functions of area array, translation and rotation calculation. Program files can be uploaded/downloaded via U disk, which is convenient for data management and storage.
5. The glue volume, glue speed, glue dispensing time, glue stop time can all be parameters Setting, stable glue output, no glue leakage;
6. According to the needs of the production process, it can be installed with a workbench positioning PIN, a glue gun or a floor heating temperature control device. The
    automatic glue dispenser is suitable for automated production lines that support high-tech industries. Required dispensing needs. There is no doubt that the accuracy of dispensing comes from a high degree of unification of high speed, stability, operability, and durability. In the manufacturing process of advanced products in a wide range of fields such as semiconductors, electronic parts, and LCD manufacturing, it has won high evaluation and deep trust.   






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