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What is the difference between an automatic soldering machine and a handheld soldering gun?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Automatic soldering machines , also known as automatic spot welding, soldering machine is human. It is a common mechanical equipment for soldering of precision products. It uses a multi-axis linkage manipulator motion platform (X/Y/Z axis) to complete the soldering operation. The core part of the automatic soldering machine is the soldering system. The soldering tin system consists of an automatic tin feeding mechanism, a temperature controller, a tin breaking system, a heating element and a soldering iron tip. It can simulate or even replace manual welding. What is the difference between an automatic soldering machine and a handheld soldering gun?


The hand-held solder gun relies on skilled operators to solder, the solder point depends on our naked eye to judge the position, the amount of solder is controlled manually, and the temperature of the tin wire is accumulated based on experience. Therefore, it is difficult to recruit a skilled soldering employee with a high salary.

The automatic soldering machine has flexible soldering methods, which can use single-axis, dual-axis, and multi-axis simultaneous soldering, and can also be configured with rotating shaft solder dead angle positions. It can be matched with the dual-axis product placement device platform, and the product is placed while processing, and the processing speed is significantly improved. The automatic soldering machine also has an automatic cleaning function. Regular cleaning can stabilize the tin quality of the processing point and prolong the service life and frequency of the soldering iron tip. Save the purchase cost of consumables. It is worth mentioning that the equipment is programmed to travel to the stroke point, and the amount of solder and solder points are accurately controlled. It will not produce too much or too little, and it can accurately solder to the place where it is needed. 




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