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Can the multi-function automatic soldering machine meet a variety of needs?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

 In the past, in addition to the input of raw materials, the factory also required a lot of cost input in labor, so that the cost control of a batch of goods was very unsatisfactory. When the demand for goods is relatively large, there will be insufficient production efficiency, leading to delays in delivery. Especially for the production of some large projects, because of the relationship of production efficiency, it is impossible to undertake at all. If there is an overdue, there will not be much profit but liquidated damages will be compensated, thus losing a lot of trading opportunities. But a lot of modern equipment to improve research and development in this market state, multi-function soldering machine able to meet more demand, the production also had a greater efficiency, do not worry about a large amount of goods occur when , Worry about the situation that production cannot keep up.


  After the factory put the automatic soldering machine into production, the overall production efficiency has been improved, and it can supply a larger number of production needs, and naturally it can undertake the production of larger projects. The most worrying quality of mass production of goods is not up to standard. This did happen in the past when manual welding was done because the production standard was not enough due to the rush to the construction period. In the end, the acceptance conditions were not met, and all of them needed to be reworked. The rework process, whether it is the consumption of materials, time, or labor, undoubtedly leads to an increase in costs. After the soldering machine is put into use, mechanized manufacturing will allow the finished products to have a unified standard. Therefore, after the production is completed, all products are of the same specification and size, and there will be no solder that fails to meet the acceptance standards.

 Machineized production can prevent large-scale returns and rework. One-time production can fully meet the standards, and the cost of production can be reasonably controlled. In production, it is necessary to process electronic components on different products, or other solder-like materials, so it is not only to accept orders for one type of product. When there are more orders for goods, it is definitely necessary to process different materials. The set related parameters, as well as the welding coordinate points will all change.

  In manual welding, manual comparison is required. After measuring, the coordinates are calculated. In order to be more accurate, the welding point needs to be marked. However, after using the multifunctional automatic soldering machine, it will not be so troublesome. Set the coordinates according to the type of material to be replaced and the position to be welded. After the setting is completed, the machine can be activated, the welding operation can be started, and the welding material can be conveyed.




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