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Shengtai introduced you to the high-speed dispenser?

2021-03-03 17:51:59

The automatic dispenser is relatively easy to operate. There are two main operating methods, one is manual and the other is automatic. If manual is used,just switch theautomatic dispenser  switch to manual. If you can adjust the switch to the auto position for convenience, you can automatically dispense the glue as long as you adjust the air pressure and the amount of glue. The dispensing speed is high, the accuracy is high, and the needle nozzle is not easy to damage. Applicable glues are: AB glue, silica gel, red glue, UV glue, etc.

1. Product features of high-speed dispenser TS-3000:

1. CCD visual automatic positioning system;

2. Achieve a smaller dispensing diameter, the smallest single point diameter can reach 250um;

3. Mature and stable high-speed motion platform, speed can reach 1000mm/s, accuracy 0.01mm;

4. Used for underfilling, wafer filling, part coating protection, bonding and sealing, etc.

2. How to use the high-speed dispenser:

Step 1: Assemble the dispenser to the assembly line;

Insert the glue bucket into the push rod of the glue dispensing device, and push the rack into the standard production line.

Step 2: Put the workpiece into the dispenser quickly;

Start the standard assembly line, and the work piece will be produced along the standard assembly line. When the work piece reaches the quick pull module, the incoming material photoelectric detection switch detects the incoming material, the incoming gear cylinder rises, and the rotating cylinder drives the material lever. Rotate, the pulling rod is driven by the pulling cylinder to send the glued workpiece into the clamping module of the jig, and at the same time, the jig gear guide rod rises to block other workpieces on the production line. The jig detection photoelectric switch detects the jig After the lifting base plate is in place, the module jacking cylinder moves, and the jig jacking base plate lifts the workpiece from the pull rod to separate the original production line. At the same time, after the material is set, the rotating cylinder drives the pull rod to rotate 90 degrees. The shifting cylinder returns to the shifting position, waiting for the next shifting.

Step 3: Fix the workpiece and prepare for dispensing;

After leaving the production line, the workpiece enters the product compression module, and the product compression module starts to work. After the workpiece rises, the direction is guided by the lateral clamping cylinder so that the longitudinal direction of the workpiece is perpendicular to the Y axis. Two rubber valves have been guaranteed The relative position accuracy with the workpiece, and the workpiece is fixed in the product pressing device.

Step 4: dispense glue on the workpiece;

The dispensing module starts to work, and the dispensing device dispenses the workpiece.

Step 5: Quickly send the workpiece out of the dispenser;

After the dispensing is completed, the product pressing device releases the work piece, the work piece enters the fixture pressing module through the product pressing module, the module jacking cylinder goes down, the fixture gear cylinder goes down, and the incoming gear cylinder goes up. After the incoming material is detected by the photoelectric detection switch, the rotating cylinder drives the material dial to rotate, and the material dialing cylinder action will be sent out by the dispensing fixture; the dispensed workpiece will return to the original assembly line and flow to the next station.





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