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How to reduce the cost of consumables in the dispensing operation of the visual dispenser?

2021-03-03 18:20:51

The visual dispenser brings convenience to the manufacturing industry, increases output, and reduces labor costs. At present, the consumption of consumables in the dispensing operation of thevisual dispenser is relatively large,

How to reduce consumables in actual operation?

The consumables of the automatic dispense are mainly dispensing needles and dispensing glue. The automatic dispensing machine is equipped with ordinary dispensing needles, because ordinary dispensing needles can be used

The same dispensing operation. Dispensing needles made of common materials have poor durability. If high-strength dispensing operations are required, durable stainless steel dispensing needles can be used.

In this way, the consumable consumption of the needle can be reduced.

In addition, glue is also an important consumable in the automatic dispensing machine. In the actual dispensing operation, quantitative glue can be selected to dispense.

When using an automatic dispenser to dispense glue, you can use a metering high -speed dispensing machine to complete high-precision dispensing, because the metering high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with a screw

Dispensing valve, screw-type dispensing valve can accurately control the amount of glue, according to the dispensing requirements can be very accurate control of the amount of glue, and the dispensing error is relatively small,

Thereby solving the problem of excessive glue consumables. Maximize the utilization rate of glue.

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