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What to pay attention to when using hot melt glue dispenser?

2021-03-10 10:45:59

When the product needs to use hot melt adhesive, you need to use the hot melt adhesive dispenser that sells well in the industry, and use it to turn the solid hot melt adhesive into glue form after heating, so as to achieve the bonding effect. Then the hot melt glue dispenser is also different from the ordinary dispenser, so what should we pay attention to when using the hot melt glue dispenser?

Note 1: For different types of hot melt adhesives

First of all, consumers must first master each model of hot melt machine on the market. Because different models have different technical performance parameters, their solidification and cooling time are also different, so we have to distinguish each model. Hot melt glue, so that the hot melt glue dispenser will complete the parameters of each model according to the technical function, so that all the bonding processes can be completed within the open time of hot melt glue.

Note 2: Do not heat directly with an open flame

Then when we use the hot melt glue dispenser, we must remember to use an open flame to directly stop heating the hot melt, be sure to heat the spacer oil bath to 100 degrees Celsius, and then use the sealed electric hot plate to stop the heating, so as to let the hot melt The temperature in the gel is strictly controlled within the scope of application, so we can't change the temperature of the gel at will.

Note 3: Preheat the installation and preheat up to the standard

When we use the hot-melt glue dispenser to stop heating the solid hot-melt glue, we must first install the preheating device and preheat it to the standard, and then release it into the glue box. Then the glue is used in the process It is not allowed to directly mix solid rubber blocks in the glue application box to avoid the unevenness of the temperature of the glue and the incomplete blending, which will affect the quality of consumers.



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