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Blow screw machine

Blow screw machine

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Product Name: Single-head double-platform air-blowing screw machine      Air-blowing screw machine

The screw machine is a small machine that automatically locks screws. Its action structure can generally be divided into two parts: a feeding part and an electric batch part. The feeding part is responsible for screening and providing screws, and the electric batching part is responsible for taking and locking screws. The production of the machine not only improves the work efficiency but also reduces the manual work intensity.

Brief introduction of blowing screw machine:

The screw machine is composed of a feeding system and a locking system. The feeding part, also known as the screw arranging machine and the screw feeding machine, is a relatively simple way of arranging the screws in a row to improve work efficiency. Automation equipment is widely used in the electronics industry. One machine can be used for screws of various specifications

Technical parameters of air-blowing screw machine:

Blow screw machine model


Range of motion

X axis·Y axis


Z axis


Operating speed (PTP)

X axis·Y axis


Z axis




Z axis




Decomposing ability


Dimensions (width*length*height)


Drive method


transfer method

Micro stepping precision motor + closed loop

Control mode

Point to point, interpolation

Number of control axes

Five axis (optional)

input Output

Input 22, output 22

storage capacity

64 groups, 1800 Points per group (can be increased)

Body weight


Screwdriver type

Electric (Edition)

Counting function


Anti-leakage function


Floating lock detection function


There is already a certain amount of adjustment space for the size of the screw. It ranges from M1 to M8, and for special screws, there is room for maneuverability, which is designed separately.

1: Short screws and screws with washers can be used universally!

Easy to adjust the track! The track of the screw machine can be extracted and adjusted freely! Easy to understand and easy to operate!

The current screw machine technology is very mature, so the phenomenon of screw machine jam has rarely happened again. If the screw is missed, it will automatically alarm, so it reduces the phenomenon of workers doing wasteful work at work.

Now screw machine equipment, the feeding system control and a vibration driven independently, can be freely set the desired delay time is stopped when the abnormal condition is generated, the automatic locking screw machine initiates malfunction alarm! The operation is as simple as other screw machines!

◎When removing the screw, for the position of the screw head, just put the bit into the bit guide, slide down along the guide, and then pull the screw out toward the front.

◎Compared with the traditional screw plate, each screw can save 1.4 seconds and the productivity can reach 6 times!

◎Easy to operate, even beginners can learn how to operate immediately

◎It is not necessary to align the screws, just put the screws into the feeding chamber in batches

◎Widely applicable to various electronic industries, automobiles, televisions, air conditioners and other industries that require screws.




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