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Soldering machine accessories

Soldering machine accessories

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Product name: Soldering machine accessories

Features of soldering machine accessories:

1. The fuselage is made of high-quality aluminum, which has the characteristics of light structure, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Equipped with high-power intelligent thermostat temperature controller to ensure the solder yield rate.

3. It has manual and automatic tin discharge function, and the product needs to be adjusted in multiple stages during the soldering process.

4. The internal program of the soldering machine has a variety of soldering methods to choose from, spot soldering, drag soldering can be selected, and some high-precision soldering processes can be simulated by human hands.

5. The multi-axis manipulator and advanced motion control algorithm are used for linkage to simulate the action of adding tin by hand, which effectively improves the positioning accuracy of the soldering iron tip.

6. The automatic soldering machine contains a BASIC interpreter. The programming is simple and quick. You can directly teach with the handle or directly input the coordinates of the solder joints.

7. With USB storage and extended functions.

8. The 60° rotation function greatly increases the versatility of the product solder.


Advantages of soldering machine accessories:

1) Stabilize and improve welding quality;

2) Improve labor productivity;

3) Improve the labor intensity of workers and purify the working environment;

4) Reduce the requirements for workers' operating skills.

5) Shorten the preparation period for product modification and replacement, and reduce the corresponding equipment investment.



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